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I am a 26 year old Singaporean pursuing doing my own startup, Hocuz Digital. The furthest I have ever travelled from Singapore is the Middle east. I have been travelling around alone most of the time. My travels were mainly for scuba diving and within the region of SEA. Even though I might not be one who has travelled all over the world, I get pretty reliant on online reviews during my trips. This is when I realised that some of the reviews are not exactly accurate (Not saying they are not reliable). Instead, reviews are mostly written by non-Singaporeans. The cultural/lifestyle differences that we have will lead to different expectations of the places we travel to. Hence, the main reason why this page is born. 

About this website

First things first, nope I am not paid to do this, nor am I an influencer, nor am I rich (I wish I was tho), I wanted to start this website and so I did just that. This is a website to better cater to SEA people, scuba divers and solo travellers? Oh yes and people who are thrifty. Everything stated above are all assumptions and opinions and there is no statistic to prove them. This website will be updated as frequently as possible whenever there are new places. Please feel free to let me know what can be improved and you may also want to share your personal experiences with me and the rest of the readers. 

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Scuba Diving Gear 

Mask: Gull Vader

Reg: Atomic B2/Z2

BCD: Tecline Donut 13"

Dive Computer: Suunto Zoop

Wetsuit: Mares reef 3mm

Rash Guard: Poseidon Rashguard Top Series Long Sleeve

Pocket Pants: Scubapro Hybrid Men Shorts

Booties: Scubapro Delta 5

Fins: Scubapro Jet fins / Mares Avanti Quattro+

Torch: Lycan Pro 1200

Diving Media Equipment

Macro Camera: Olympus TG5

Video Light: Big Blue VTL3500P

Camera Housing: Olympus PT-058

GoPro 1: Hero7 Black 

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More about me, Scroll down only if you are interested.

Did a stint of digital marketing in Dubai in 2018 with one of the top 100 SMEs. During that period, I traveled to Abu Dhabi, Oman and Egypt. Loved that place made wonderful new relationships despite the fact that it hits 55 degress celcius in the day and 40 at night. It felt weird when I came back to Singapore and Singapore actually felt cooling even under the sun. 

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University exchange, guess what? I chose Thailand. I am guessing that most of the people goes why would you go Thailand for university exchange (At least that was the response I got from people around me). Never did I one regret my decision, I had more than 40 dives in a short term of 4 months with reasonable price (Sorry poor student here). I know that there are tons of places to dive in other places of the world as well. If you are ever interested to sponsor me for my dives over please do drop me a message. So why Thailand? It is believed in my opinion that Thailand is a neglected market. Yes I know, Vietnam and China is growing at a insane rate. Once again, I have no capital, so why not look for a potential growth market in the future? Yes, the market might never grow in my lifetime but I love the Thai culture and one other thing is their pace of life. Yes I am a Singaporean, but would you not feel sick of speeding your way through and at the end ask yourself what just happened and all you remember is a few significant events and the outcome? 

Zeph Han - Passionate Diver & Traveler

I am from Singapore. This page is to provide the people of SEA with more relatable information with regards to traveling and diving. 

Your feedback would be greatly valued. Feel free to let me know what you want to know or can be improved :)

Let's work together.