Phuket is not all touristy unless all you think about is Patong. There are places where you can have a laid back relax holiday in Phuket as well. 

Phuket Dive Tours
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Phuket Dive Tours

I dived with Phuket Dive Tours during my stint in Bangkok. Phuket dive tours had dive guides that were super friendly and nice where they would do your best to cater to your needs from the moment you arrive at the pier and until you leave the pier on the transport. Phuket dive tours did not own their own boat when i was diving with them, they would join with other operators to use a single boat which is a common practice in the diving industry. Breakfast and lunch were provided on board the boat that I was on had 2 levels where the food would be served at the lounge at level one. Level 2 had tons of seats as well where you can also enjoy some Vitamin D which is good for your skin.  I spent a total 410SGD for accommodations at guesthouse Aquaman for 3 nights with 6 dives in total which is a very decent amount in my opinion for a short trip. 

Following are the dive sites I visited: 

- Racha Yai

- Racha Noi (Freedom Bay)

- King Cruiser Wreck (Must Go)

- Koh Dol Mai

- Shark Point

Chalong Phuket
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More about Chalong

Chalong is a go to place if you want to get away from the crowd and crazy party life in Phuket and yet be super near the pier where u can depart for diving. One of the must try food near Aquaman would be the chalong Buffet, it is all you can eat for only 199 baht, remember to avoid ordering too much drinks as that is where the bills will increase (use your ice wisely). Right around the corner of Chalong buffet is Dive Supply Co. where you can make purchases for items you need for diving. 

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I am from Singapore. This page is to provide the people of SEA with more relatable information with regards to traveling and diving. 

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