Perhentian is another beautiful Island of Malaysia which is also like a basic bij sister island of tioman but with a little more spice. 

Turtle Bay Divers
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Turtle Bay Divers

Went diving with a group of friends at Perhentian. It is strongly recommended for anyone who wish to visit Perhentian to take a flight to  Kota Bharu and do a land transfer followed by sea transfer to this beautiful Island. Especially if you are not a fan of long land transport. We did our bookings prior arrival at the island so as to ensure a smooth experience. 

Ok, so here goes the impression of turtle bay divers [no clue if they are still there], the overall experience was a rather 4/10 stars kind of experience. They provided a local dive guide for us who brought us into the open sea to take a look at water [Instead of marine life]. Instead my friends and I were the one who were looking for marine life for him to see instead [what a wonderful dive guide]. Do not fret, there are tons of other dive operators on the island as well. However, 1 thing which I liked about the dive operator was that, they would only charge you if you did a dive. Instead of some other operators out there who takes the full sum and not have a refund. Despite all that, it is believed that the waters surrounding Perhentian makes a pretty good beginner dive site as well.

There are a few MUST GO [we went to none] dive sites at Perhentian: 

1) T3

2) Pinnacle

3) Police wreck

4) Sugar wreck (depending on visibility)

The above dive sites are recommended by friends who went with other operators on the island. It was also recommended to head over to Redang Islands, however, the name of the dive sites are not mentioned. 

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More about Perhentian

Despite the not so wonderful experience we had with the dive operator, the island was perfect. Not sure if you know that Singapore used to have Seesha? Now it is banned. Yes I know we can get it at many parts of the world, but the wonderful part was that they have beach parties with a open bar in the middle of the beach which provides you with a tatami mat where u can sit down with your friends surrounding a table, enjoy a drink and have a puff of seesha. This is something that was not seen on Tioman, which makes up a little spice as compared to Tioman. 

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