Koh Lanta

A perfect Island for chilling and a laid back holiday.

GoDive Lanta
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GoDive Lanta

GoDive Lanta is located in Saladan Pier. I dived with Godive twice during my stint in Bangkok. It was easy to fly from Bangkok to Krabi and have a land transfer to Koh Lanta. GoDive Lanta provided really good service from the moment I arrived at the shop. It did not feel like diving with an operator instead the people there became like friends and family to me. The instructors there were really friendly and nice. You can do at least 2 dives with them a day with an optional 3rd dive if there were enough people doing the 3rd Dive. On non Super days (Non Hin Daeng/Muang Dive) we set sail with the GoDive boat whereas on super day dives where we head out for Hin Daeng/Muang we join up with other operators to dive. One of my favorite things about GoDive Lanta was that you did not even have to leave the shop to get to the boat (Not Speed Boat). The boat was parked right behind the shop where you can just hop on. Breakfast and lunch was provided on the boat with a separate smoking corner where the smokers could chill and yet the non smokers would not be affected by the smoke smell.

Following are the dive sites which I visited: 

- Koh Bida Nok

- Koh Bida Yai

- Hin Muang

- Hin Daeng

- Koh Ha 6

- Koh Ha 1

- Koh Ma

- Koh Ha Lagoon

- Koh Ha Yai (5)

More about Lanta
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More about Lanta

When I first arrived in Koh Lanta It was really different as per compared to Koh Tao and Koh Pangan. It felt a lot more spacious and much bigger as per compared to the other 2 islands. However, this island might be pretty boring for party animals as there is not much going on other than a few bars on the island itself. It is strongly recommended to rent a scooter on Koh lanta as 200 Bhat a day (when rented for 2 days or more) is much cheaper as compared to paying a 100 Bhat per tuk tuk trip. With the bike, it would be easy to get to old town of Koh Lanta to enjoy the breeze of the sunset. However, it is strongly recommended to get back before it turns dark if you are not staying in Old town of Koh Lanta itself. 


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