Bangkok is the capital of Thailand, a large city known for ornate shrines and vibrant street life. It is similar to New York, the Thais move to Bangkok hoping to make it in life but how many really do?

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Top Few Things To Do In Bangkok

1) Thipsamai

I love Thai food, Pad Thai is among one of my top favorites. It may look simple to cook but sometimes the simpler the dish, the more difficult it would be to get it right. Thipsamai has the best Pad Thai I have had in my 25 years of life. Yes it might be overrated when you see the length of the queue, however, I can assure you that it is not as overrated as the Wanton Noodle in Pratunam District. What I love about this particular Pad Thai is that the sauce has a sweet base that brings out the taste of the noodle and it stands out from the other pad Thai I have ever had. One other thing was how they actually did a superb job on the level of moisture in the noodles, if you have ever taken fried noodles in your life you will realise that some are too wet and some are too dry but thipsamai got it perfect for my liking. If you ever visit the store you will realise that one plate is not enough. However, with my experience, do not order your second serving on the first order. Even though they have this thin layer of egg which keeps the noodles warm, due to the sauce having a sweet base, by the time you finish your first plate and start on the second one it will be too dry and will not be as delicious and perfect as your first plate. 


ICONSIAM is the newest and biggest mall in Bangkok as of April 2019. It is the definition of retail concept where you can find the culture of the Thais at the basement floor and all the international brands and some local Thai retail chains in the higher floors. ICONSIAM really takes retail to another level and they still have more floors that is under work which will be launched soon. I am sure that it will be the next go to mall in Bangkok. However, it is recommended not to take taxi to the mall as you might find yourself stuck in the car for god knows how long. A good alternative would be to take BTS to Saphan Taksin station and take a free boat over to the ICONSIAM. Also, at the same port you can too decide if you want to visit Asiatique.

3) Train Night Market

For those who have no idea, there are 2 train night markets (Talad Rod Fai) in Bangkok. One is located in Ratchada and the other is located in Srinakarin. I personally prefer the one located in Srinakarin as it is less populated by tourists and you have a less sticky time walking around the night market. Both night market brings you similar products. One thing you must know about night markets as such other than Chatuchak is that for those stores that is not brick and mortar they can shift around every night as the owner might show up at another night market. Most tourists head down to the night market in the Ratchada area because it is located in a central area. 


During my stint in Bangkok, this was my favorite club in the whole of Bangkok even though it might be slightly pricier as compared to other clubs, however, it is definitely cheaper than Singapore. Why do I prefer this over clubs in RCA area? There are lesser tourists [Most of the tourists in Demo are Koreans] and you will be able to meet more locals, but of course that would be of personal preference. One overall thing about about clubs in Thailand which I prefer more than Singapore other than the prices, would be the crowd that visit these places.






5) Terminal 21

Yes this might be a shopping mall that most of us are familiar with. However, it is worth the mention, if you are made of ice and can't take the heat of Chatuchak yet you want to have an experience of how street stalls in night market/weekend market of bangkok works, you can head down to terminal 21. It might not have exactly the same vibes but the idea is there, also the things are priced slightly higher in the building for that particular section as compared to markets [take it as you are paying for the A/C]. One other thing that makes Terminal 21 different from the other malls in Bangkok is how it has different themes of countries for different floors. It is super easy to get there via BTS so feel free to check it out to enjoy the experience. 

6) Khaosan Road

You do not have to be a backpacker to visit this place, and yes this place is flooded by tourists and things can be really pricey if you have no haggling skills. However, this is the one place in Bangkok where you can literally get almost anything [Please find out for yourself]. Even though it may be majorly populated by tourists, the drinks are affordable by the bucket and Thai university students love to head down to this street for drinks. Why do I know? Because I did my University exchange in Thailand. There are a few reasons why I love this place. Firstly, you get drinks at a reasonable price but at an insane alcohol strength if you choose the right poison. Secondly, you can find a less noisy spot and see the world go by with some drinks in your hand. Lastly, The street evolves and changes as the night goes, it is a place where people go crazy and 90% of the time all will be fine. Just look after your wallets. 

Travelling in Bangkok

Bangkok was one of the country where I partied my life out as things were really cheap as compared to Singapore, literally almost everyday I end up drinking outside and none of my nights were mundane. Shopping was really crazy in the country as well where you see so many different things happening and you can find a place to shop regardless the hour of the day. Lastly, it was the food, if I didn't exercise frequently, I am pretty sure I would need an extra seat for the flight back home.  

Ease while travelling: It was easy to move around in Bangkok, given the fact where I can communicate with my minimal level of Thai language it made life much easier. You can nearly go anywhere and everywhere with taxi, bike and BTS at a cheap price [Singapore is the benchmark]. 


Difficulties faced: I would be placing myself in a position where I can't speak Thai. Taxis would be a major problem, they would increase your price like crazy with a fixed price. One other problem that you will most probably face would be the taxis would not be willing to travel to certain places, it occurs even when I can converse in Thai. Last problem you face with taxi drivers would be them being too aggressive wanting to bring you to a certain night club or district as they are paid when they bring customers to the area. 

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