Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, sits off the mainland on an island in the Persian (Arabian) Gulf

Abu Dhabi
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Top Few Things To Do In Abu Dhabi

1) Yas Beach

This was the best beach that I have been to in Abu Dhabi, and it has a pool bar with superb service as well. The only "Not so good" part was that the place was slightly pricey and it would be difficult to find the place if you don't drive (but who doesn't own a car in countries as such?). If you are going on free and easy in Abu Dhabi, please have a visit to this place if you are looking to have a chill/Tan afternoon. 

2) Ferrari World

If you are a fan of Ferrari (the brand not just the cars), this is a go to place, must go place. It is a Ferrari branded Theme park (if you can't tell from the name). It is a good experience to have regardless if you are a fan of the brand or not as there is no such theme park available in the SEA region. 

3) The Louvre

If you are visiting Abu Dhabi and did not have the chance to head down to France, this would be a good place to visit. If you are driving from Dubai to Abu Dhabi, you will find tons of banners explaining the art pieces in Louvre. The interesting part if you are driving from Dubai to Abu Dhabi, if my memory serves me right, there is this particular radio channel which you can tune to where it will explain to you a different artefact, on different parts of the highway. 

4) Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

After all the "Modern" and hype places above, do not forget to visit the culture of Abu Dhabi. The grand mosque is a mosque you will never see anywhere else in the world. Please do remember that you are entering someone else's home. Do respect the dress code and the way you behave on the sacred grounds regardless of your race, religion and belief. 


Travelling in Abu Dhabi

I was only in Abu Dhabi for 2 weekends during my stint in Dubai. However you will then realise that Dubai was not the rich but it was Abu Dhabi. Read up why Burj Kahlifa is called Burj Khalifa and not Burj Dubai READ.

Ease while travelling:  Abu Dhabi was a beautiful place with a million more branded cars as compared to Dubai where you see cars that is more mediocre. Oh yes, fun fact, there is a lot of people who think that FF7 was shot in Dubai, no it was in Abu Dhabi. 

Difficulties faced: Nothing much other than things being even more expensive than Singapore (Singaporeans who still enjoy hawker food please stop complaining). Oh yea and it being super super hot. 

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